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Jazz Song Book


I’ve discussed this a few times within my blog posts but I’ve never really got into detail to them. But I have my own Jazz Song Book that I regularly write new songs within or I write ideas that I have for songs. Usually when I write the ideas for songs I don’t actually write the songs themselves, I write what I would like to see or hear from a song. I know that that sounds incredibly nonspecific, but by that I mean I write the mood of the song.

If I am in a funk or I feel really bad about myself, then for whatever reason I write in my song book a jazz song that is really low too. Usually it will be a dark song using darker instruments. When I say darker instruments I would include things like pianos and trumpets because I feel that they connect with the sadder soul much more than other instruments do. But usually it doesn’t just come down the instrument that is being used but also the keys of the songs used. When I feel in a lower mood the instruments would play a lower or bass key rather than a high pitched key. Unless I am thinking about pain and suffering or something morbid, in which case a higher key does actually work better than most other keys. When I am in a happier mood, in general I imagine the songs to be in both different instruments like a saxophone, and more often or not a flute since a flute is a lot more light hearted of an instrument.

I don’t know why I use specific instruments or keys for the mood that I am in, but I feel like for me that is what Jazz is about. Being able to identify your thoughts and feelings, and then being able to convey and express those feelings is what works. The real mastery of Jazz music is being able to let your audience listening know how you feel and being able to deliver your message without having to use words at times. If you are a musician that focuses on instruments and not lyrics, being able to convey a message to the audience is what makes you a great artist. in fact, being able to accurately convey your feelings through any medium is what makes you a great artist. It is having a vision in your mind or in your heart that you want others to know about, and for you to be able to explain through that medium.

At the end of the day, there is no perfect way for an artist to express themselves. There is not a specific medium that you must use, nor is there a specific way you must convey the message. At times, the vision that you have and that you want to communicate doesn’t even have to be to anyone’s tastes and you don’t have to have anyone really enjoy it. You just have to be able to do it and you have to want to do it. As long as you understand what it is you are trying to say, others will be able to as well. Just like in life, some may confuse the message or misunderstand it, but that is just a fact of life for the most part anyway.