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My love of Jazz


My love of Jazz

Before I start to review other Jazz songs, I wanted to state my love for Jazz and the reasons why I love it too. I could be simple and just describe all of the songs I’ve loved to listen to and my favourite artists, but I don’t really feel like that is me nor do I feel that I am even being very different. The fact is that I love all music, and that Jazz is not the only music genre that I love to listen to. I like to listen to rock music from all eras, from the 60’s to the 10’s now. I love to listen to R&B and I love to listen to rap. It doesn’t really matter what the genre is nor does it matter who is the artist creating the song. All that matters are how it sounds and if it is trying to do so, what the message is that is being conveyed.

With Jazz songs, there is a special feeling I get when I listen to it that’s much different from the vibes I get when listening to other music. With older pop songs or rock songs, I usually just intake the message or listen to the words and how they clash with the music. With Jazz songs, I can just take in and enjoy the music’s and instruments that I usually wouldn’t with other music. It’s almost like I can take or receive the message that is being conveyed with the notes and instruments in Jazz music. With jazz music, there is a message being conveyed through the notes and the songs almost as if you are listening to a blues song. You know what they want to tell you and you know that they are trying to convey a message that is important to them, and you can feel it and process it from the notes themselves.

The array of instruments that are used in Jazz songs are also just as great. The different variety of brass instruments is especially impressive to me. Being able to convey messages through trumpets and saxophones or even just a flute or piano is so amazing to me. Jazz songs are so emotional and have a deeper meaning to it than you would think. The trumpets are also so strikingly dissimilar to most music types and often the greatness of the musicians in Jazz songs are able to very simplistically merge the different instruments together and make it easier to process the songs because of it. In fact, the variety and the versatility of Jazz musicians and their ability to play different instruments and meld them together is amazing. I used to have a book where I wrote songs or potential songs in them, and I would always include what types of instruments I would or could imagine hearing with them.

In that same book, I used to write what I would like my jazz songs to convey and the meanings that they would have. When I was in a happier mood, my songs in my book would usually be more uplifting or more upbeat, but when I was sadder my songs were for the more part more dark and deep listening. Often when I was depressed I would create dark and much more slow beat songs in my mind, since I was trying to explain and convey my feelings into the song. I think all artists do this to an extent, even if they are hiding behind a mask within their songs. The great thing about Jazz music is that you can and are able to convey whichever music you would like to listen to yourself.

Jazz songs are song of the greatest songs that have been made in history. They are the easiest to listen to by far and they can be very enjoyable depending on the artist. Last week I spoke about Nicholas Payton and his amazing album and I would definitely suggest giving that a listen. Throughout the weeks I will have more songs to write and my plan is to create almost an online book of reviews for you to listen to and gain inspiration from too.