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My thoughts


I know that in my last post I promised I would review another jazz album, but there is something that has been bothering me with the jazz song community for a little while now that I feel I must get off my chest. A lot of people seem to think that Jazz musicians make the music specifically for them. As if they are the only customers in the world or the only fans of jazz in the entire world and that all music can only be enjoyable to them and if they do not like the music, then the artist is at fault. I suppose you could say this about any music genre and beyond music, you could probably say this about any entertainment platform. But there is almost a sense of entitlement that these people have who believe that only their tastes or opinions matter and they will fight you if they do not agree and they will try to beat their point into you since only they can be right.

It is possible to have a favourite instrument that you feel connects better to your soul than someone else favourite instrument. It is possible to believe that one musician is better to you since you can connect with their music and their songs better than you may be able to with another. It is possible to enjoy a Jazz Song Book or a Jazz Song CD more than you can enjoy anthers. These aren’t mutually exclusive. It is possible to enjoy something that quite honestly, someone else may not enjoy and you should not have to feel guilty, wrong, stupid or anything else apart from enjoyment. It is a very self-absorbed behavioural pattern that many seem to have and I really do feel that it comes from a place of insecurity, as they almost seem to think that they are better than you or can be better than you because they like something they deem to be superior.

I know this is an overly serious topic to discuss but I was having a discussion with a friend who I told that I believe my favourite instrument is the trumpet because I seem to get the biggest emotional connection out of it. I know that it sounds both stupid and difficult to understand in a way, but it is true. For whatever reason I can derive more satisfaction when I hear a trumpet than I may do a Piano. And that isn’t to say I can’t enjoy a piano because I absolutely love it as an instrument too. It just doesn’t hook me in the same way.

As a response, this “jazz maestro” begun to explain to me for around 2 hours over wine exactly why I was wrong, and why I need to listen to this musician or that musician or read this song book or that jazz song book. It doesn’t really matter at the end of the day. I enjoy who I enjoy and I like what I like. It shouldn’t go further than that, nor should it even be an argument which we are having. I am allowed to like my own things, I believe that is the benefit to being an adult. You get to be your own person that doesn’t succumb to the needs and wills and whatever satisfactions others may get for entirely unnecessary reasons. The fact that I am actually talking about it right now clearly shows that it’s gotten to me and I think that is what I am upset about the most. The fact that I allowed this person to frustrate me is stupid but sadly I can’t help my emotions or how stupid people make me feel.

I don’t want to just moan however. I really did start this blog from my love of Jazz, and the name of the site and the blog actually came from something quite meaningful to me. I have my own jazz song book I write songs in, and I thought what better way to share that love? So with that, I leave you with this.