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Ola Onabule


Onabule is a very interesting person with an even more interesting career. For example, he was actually going to law school when he was young but then decided to turn that down and instead became a singer/songwriter in Jazz. But this is the one thing that is really different about him. Although you know that he originally wanted to do something else, it becomes really clear really quickly his real muse and his real talent is all music. It isn’t just about the songs and the music that he writes, but it’s also his body language. You can feel it and see it through his dance moves and through his swagger. You can see from the way the music and the rhythm flows through him. You can see it and feel it in the way he emulates legends of the past. There is this awareness in his body and in his music that shows just how much it means to him, but also just how much talent he really has in his body and his soul. It is almost as if he punctuates his love and his skill through the way he moves. His performances and his songs are just so full of energy that brings Jazz to life. It is just something else, and you cannot compare it to anyone else. I saw someone say it is like James Brown decided to take steroids, but that isn’t a good comparison because they just aren’t the same.

He recently created a new album by the name of ‘Seven Shades Darker’, and you can just tell from the name he plans to really bring out his life and soul within the album. This is not going to be simply a throwaway album to him but instead an album where he really wants his talents, feelings and songs brought to life to stay for the history of Jazz. He wants to create an album that is going to referred to as an album that matches old jazz pioneers while also being the future of the Jazz genre. One thing that is amazing about Onabule is that he wants to put all energy that he possibly can during a Jazz performance, but wants to match that same energy within his song writing. He is not an artist who believes in second best and just as obviously, he is not an artist who feels that music or art should be brought out without the utmost care.

There are also a few songs released by Onabule that shows just how much he cares for where he came from as much as where he is going. He recently released the song ‘Desperate Ones’, which he describes as a message to help black youths. It is clear that he still thinks and cares about his roots and he does not believe that anyone should be put in a position where they are still down when they don’t need to be. He actually explained upon this when saying that he fears for black youths who are leaving school before receiving an education, but also before they are even able to write or read. He also thinks that this is an issue that should have been solved a long time ago and is saddened that it hasn’t. This is a meaningful message and could be applied to anyone in the same situation or circumstances, and really does not matter about where the person has come from, but more about where the person currently is.

Strangely enough, one interesting story about Onabule is that David Beckham of all people contacted him to play at his wedding. The obvious statement is that you are sure it was probably good money, but apparently Onabule was more excited because he was able to play in front of the entire England National team and the spice girls. That is quite a lot of names to be able to live up to, so you can only hope that he did during the wedding!

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